Saskatchewan Doukhobor cultural heritage

Spirit Wrestler Productions

The Doukhobours or Dukhobors (Spirit-Warriors/Wrestlers) are a Spiritual Christian ethnoreligious group of Russian origin, The Doukhobor community, among the first settlers in Saskatchewan, are today almost all but gone in Canada. In 2016, through a collaboration between the Western Development Museum, Spirit Wrestler Productions, and the University of Saskatchewan, a project to preserve the oral history and spiritual traditions the Saskatchewan Doukhobor was initiated. The project, Saskatchewan Doukhobor Living Book, features a documentary film and an immersive audio/visual installation. The main purpose of this project was to make sure that the Doukhobors community unique culture, religious beliefs, traditions, and history would be preserved for future generations, which is the mission of AWA. They decided to preserve the work of the documentary film “We’ve Concluded Our Assembly”, Doukhobor songs and recording sessions at the Blaine Lake Doukhobor Prayer Home where they recorded both audio and video prayer service as it is practiced by Saskatchewan Doukhobors today.

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