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Become a contributor to our exclusive world data archive

AWA is home to manuscripts from the Vatican Library, official documents, museum masterpieces, scientific breakthroughs, literature, music, digital art, priceless, irreplaceable data and the writings of Nobel laureates. Surrounded by majestic mountains and gigantic glaciers on the Arctic island of Svalbard, Norway, the archive contains and can maintain man's history and accomplishments on earth for over 1000 years with guaranteed future accessibility.

The Arctic World Archive is a growing digital repository of world memory. Memories stored here will survive into the distant future, providing a safe copy for this generation and authentic history for the next.

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Public Ceremony

For those who have memories and information that is a contribution to «World Memory».

  • Intimate ceremony
  • Deposit in the vault
  • Social activities
  • Celebratory dinner
  • Certificate of deposit
  • Photo and video coverage

€ 430

per person

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Svalbard from air

September 25th 2024, AWA will open its doors for another depositing ceremony.

Physical or virtual participation For those unable to travel, we will host a “virtual deposit”, where you and your associates can participate online and experience themoment fromafar. For those who prefer to travel, we will be hosting an intimate ceremony at the vault, only a short drive from Longyearbyen, where we invite all depositors to a celebratory dinner the same evening.

You can also try out the local sauna and have a bath in the ocean or take a local tour.

To see the full overview of organisations already storing their data in AWA, check out our data collection of archived memories.

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Our experience tells us that every organisation has specific requirements for their long-term data storage. Book time with us today to discuss your needs.

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Svalbard from air

For those of you that are able to experience this deposit first hand and join us at Svalbard in September, we recommend that you book your flights and hotel rooms as soon as possible.

The airlines SAS and Norwegian both fly to Longyearbyen, Svalbard from Oslo and to take part in the AWA deposit ceremony, you must arrive latest on Wednesday 28th and return earliest on Friday 30th, unless you would like to stay for the weekend in the beautiful arctic wilderness.

To register for either virtual or physical participation and for hotel booking code, please click the register through the link below:

Deposit programme:

September 24th

  • Meet & Greet

  • Svalbad sauna & swimming in the Arctic Ocean / Guided Tour

September 25th

  • Deposit ceremony in AWA

  • Celebratory dinner

Attendance fee for all activities is €430 per person.