AWA Membership & Storage Pricing

All plans include free membership for 30 days! All plans are billed yearly.


The Icecube is for small organisations and individuals that wants to get started with AWA - and is happy sharing the piqlFilm

Start free 30-day trial

€ 19


  • 1 user
  • 250 GB in active repository included*
  • File formats: PDF, JPG, WAV, TIFF, MP4
  • Access to AWA Portal
  • Support for multiple languages
  • Basic metadata support 1
  • Shared piqlFilm
  • Certificate
  • Virtual deposit


Upgrade to Iceberg for more more users, enhanced features, a larger active repository and the opportunity for a dedicated piqlFilm

Start free 30-day trial

€ 39

/ Month

  • Everything in Icecube
  • 5 users
  • 1 TB in active repository included
  • AI Thumbnails included 2
  • Advanced metadata support 3
  • Shared or dedicated piqlFilm
  • Physical deposit
  • Online copy of data available
  • Normalisation of files 4


The Glacier is the ultimate AWA experience. Even more users, more functionality, API integration, support the AWA Foundation and more

Start free 30-day trial

€ 129

/ Month

  • Everything in Iceberg
  • 10 users
  • 5 TB in active repository included
  • Private deposit
  • AWA Community invitation and to be nominated on the World Memory list
  • Role-based permissions
  • API Integration
  • Dedicated support

Eternal Storage Pricing

How much data would you like to store?

Deposit options

How would you like to celebrate? We offer three different options

To visit Svalbard is on many people's bucket list, and we recommend everyone who deposit values in AWA to come for a visit. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or special wishes for your visit.

To be able to take part in any of the Deposit options, a deposit of data to piqlFilm in AWA must have been made before the deposit date.

For all deposit options there is a percentage that is going to the AWA Foundation.

Online Ceremony

An online ceremony is always arranged for the Public Ceremonies and can also be arranged for a Privat Ceremony.

  • Virtual deposit in vault
  • Virtual ceremony
  • Digital certificate of deposit

€ 20

per person
as a contribution to the AWA Foundation

Contact us for interest

Public Ceremony

For those who have memories and information that is a contribution to «World Memory».

  • Physical deposit in the vault
  • Intimate ceremony
  • Social activities with other participants
  • Cermony dinner
  • Physical Certificate of deposit

€ 430

per person

Contact us for interest

Private Ceremony

For those who will store your personal or business memories combined with an unique experience in the Arctic.

  • Physical deposit in the vault
  • Intimate ceremony
  • Social activities with other participants
  • Cermony dinner
  • Physical Certificate of deposit

Price upon request

Contact us for interest
  • 1 Basic metadata support: Edit the metadata on your uploaded files before submitting
  • 2 AI Thumbnails will offer thumbnails with optimized cropping of the image so that you will see main object in the thumbnail perfectly adjusted. Further, this functionality allows for extraction of AI generated metadata for tags and description for easy search.
  • 3 Advanced metadata support: Import existing metadata schemas using Dublin Core XML or CSV format. You can create your own customized metadata schemas and use the advanced AI metadata extraction of technical metadata embedded in the files upon upload.
  • 4 Normalisation of files: We help you automatically convert a wide range of file formats to open source archival file formats for better future sustainability and accessibility. The normalization allows us to store information about the file formats on the piqlFilm and make the eternal retrieval process more easy. To read more about the file formats we automatically support for normalization, please have a look at this article or get in touch with us for further questions.