Travel history preserved

Bubo Travel

The Slovakian travel agency Bubo Travel has deposited their 25 year history from travels around the world. Being the biggest experience travel provider in central Europe, offering tours to 195 countries including the Arctic and Antarctica, the company sees significant value preserving its history. The deposit contains the best photos and videos from over 25 years of providing clients ultimate travel experiences, as well as new brochure for client for year 2019, where Svalbard will be first offered as a destination.

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Other collections

Mjøndalen Sports Association

Norwegian sports history

Mjøndalen Sports Association, Norway, deposited its 110-year history, featuring celebrated triumphs, rivalries, videos, photos and stories that have been treasured...

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Finnish Labor Archive

Labour history

The Finnish Labour Archive, Työväen Arkisto, is Finland’s oldest social movement archive that preserves and makes available the records of...

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Thai industrial history

SGC Thailand, a leading business conglomerate has digitally preserved its history in the Arctic World Archive. This history, covering the...

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