Brazilian fotball at its best

Brazilian Football Confederation

The Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) is the governing body of football in Brazil. Now they have made sure that the history of Pele, Carlos Alberto Torres, Zico and Brazil’s World Class Players is preserved for ever - to inspire our future athletes.

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Other collections

Yongseok Oh

Art from South Korea

A Korean Artist, Yongseok Oh, is now storing an art project focussed on time, in the Arctic World Archive. Through...

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Artemis Art Gallery

Art from South-East Asia

Representing the first Malaysian contribution, this deposit celebrates South-East Asian's vibrant art culture as seen through the eyes of emerging...

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Brazilian Museum of the Person

30 years of Brazilian life stories

The Museum of the Person, a virtual and collaborative museum dedicated to the recording, preservation and dissemination of life stories,...

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