Svalbard! Money!

Sparebank 1

In this insightful book Søberg talks about what money is and how it shifts with time and technology. From the coins produced in the mines of Svalbard to hyper modern money like bitcoin and ether.

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Other collections

Mediaset Infinity

Oscar winning Italian feature film Mediterraneo

Infinity, a service of MediaSet deposited one of the most iconic italian movies: “Mediterraneo” - directed by Gabriele Salvatores. The...

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Mjøndalen Sports Association

Norwegian sports history

Mjøndalen Sports Association, Norway, deposited its 110-year history, featuring celebrated triumphs, rivalries, videos, photos and stories that have been treasured...

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National Museum of Norway

Norwegian female photographers

The National Museum of Norway made its third deposit in a row deposit, with important photographic collections from three female...

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