Bibliotheca Manuscripts Schoeyana

Martin Schøyen Foundation

The Schøyen Collection was started around 1920 by Engineer M.O. Schøyen (1896-1962), father of Martin Schøyen, who collected some 1000 volumes of early and later editions of Norwegian and international literature, history, travel, science, as well as antiquities. The Schøyen Collection, holding the largest private collection of manuscripts in the world, deposited the Bibliotheca Manuscripts Schoeyana as well as a nice collection of Buddhist manuscripts, curated by the University of Oslo.

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Other collections

Tronrud Engineering

Norwegian industry history

Tronrud Engineering, one of the great stories of Norwegian industrial development, is depositing its core corporate history, centred around a...

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Fratelli Alinari

Oldest photos

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Center for Informatics and Automation of the State of Santa Catarina

The history of the State of Santa Catarina

CIASC, a public provider of IT services in Brazil and in collaboration with Santa Catarina State Archives, virtually deposited precious...

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