Life in Norway during WWII

Norwegian Armed Forces Museum

The Norwegian Armed Forces Museum deposited a significant part of its digitised photo collection ncluding the complete collection from The Norwegian Resistance Museum (Hjemmefrontmuseet). This collection details the struggle and difficulty of life in Norway under occupation during World War II. The Museum is also the first client to receive Piql’s brand new software platform for their digital preservation workflow.

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Other collections


All of GitHub's active public repositories

In their second deposit, GitHub preserved a snapshot of all active public repositories on its platform into AWA in July...

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Hans Petter Moland

A feature film from Svalbard

The renowned Norwegian Director, Hans Petter Moland has chosen to deposit a classic Norwegian film Zero Kelvin (Kjærlighetens Kjøtere), filmed...

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Tronrud Engineering

Norwegian industry history

Tronrud Engineering, one of the great stories of Norwegian industrial development, is depositing its core corporate history, centred around a...

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