Art from South Korea

Yongseok Oh

A Korean Artist, Yongseok Oh, is now storing an art project focussed on time, in the Arctic World Archive. Through his art, Yongseok Oh emphasizes the crossing of the past and the present, the real and the imagined, by creating a visual collage of stills and moving images. The idea behind the Eternal Pause project was to use old still photographs and bring the moment back to life through movement. To realise the project, he sought people who wanted to preserve their photos forever or wanted their photos to live beyond their life. He then wanted to celebrate the concept of time further by finding a way to preserve that now living moment into the future.

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Other collections

Moderna Museet

Swedens complete database of art

Moderna Museet, Sweden, deposited a copy of its entire art database of 140,000 pieces, along with the descriptions and images....

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TV Globo

Fantastico - frozen TV

Brazilian TV Globo deposited the first episode of the year 2000 of the TV Show "Fantastico". Fantastico is a TV...

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Higgs boson scientific breakthrough

The landmark discovery of the Higgs boson at the Large Hadron Collider at the CERN in 2012, and the progress...

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