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GitHub is the world’s primary source of software tools and repositories, and 75 million software developers and millions of organisations is using it. GitHub was acquired by Microsoft in 2018. Open-source software (OSS) is a hidden cornerstone of modern world, and the shared heritage of humanity. GitHub is home to almost all of the OSS. Much of the world’s knowledge, including OSS is currently stored on ephemeral (i.e. lasting for a very short time) media. The GitHub Archive Program is a testament to the importance of the open-source community. It is their hope that it will, both now and in the future, further publicize the worldwide open-source movement; contribute to greater adoption of open source and open data policies worldwide; and encourage long-term thinking. The world is powered by open-source software. It is a hidden cornerstone of modern civilization, and the shared heritage of all humanity. In its first deposit, GitHub, deposited 6,000 of its most significant repositories in AWA for perpetuity, capturing the evolution of technology and software. This collection includes the source code for the Linux and Android operating systems; the programming languages Python, Ruby, and Rust; web platforms Node, V8, React, and Angular; cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Ethereum; AI tools Tensor-Flow and FastAI; and many more.

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Other collections


Norwegian folk tales

Telia, in collaboration with a Norwegian start-up, Hidden, deposited a collection of Norwegian folk tales that capture the essence of...

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National Museum Brasilia

Art from Brazil

The National Museum of the Republic has deposit digitized works of art that represent the collection of well-regarded Brazilian painters...

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Martin Schøyen Foundation

Bibliotheca Manuscripts Schoeyana

The Schøyen Collection was started around 1920 by Engineer M.O. Schøyen (1896-1962), father of Martin Schøyen, who collected some 1000...

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