Winter Night in the Mountains

National Museum of Norway

The National Museum of Norway made their second deposit to the Archive, featuring a diverse collection of the more valuable pieces they hold, providing a unique overview of Norwegian culture and history, including the masterpiece, Vinternatt i Rondane (Winter’s night in Rodane) (1914) by Harald Sohlberg

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Other collections


Arctic Code Vault

GitHub is the world's primary source of software tools and repositories, and 75 million software developers and millions of organisations...

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Fratelli Alinari

Oldest photos

Fratelli Alinari was one of the world's oldest photographic firms, founded in Florence, Italy in 1852. Its archives contained 5.5...

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Utah Valley University

Collections from National Archive of Namibia

Utah Valley University (UVU) is a public university in Orem, Utha that is engaged in digital preservation education and activities....

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