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Top Dog Studios

Top Dog Studios is the innovative and creative studio behind the world-famous Top Dog Beach Club NFT (non-fungible tokens) collection, consisting of 7,500 Top Dog NFTs and 6,800 Top Cat NFTs and related pieces of digital art. They have made an engagement around an innovative initiative to preserve its non-fungible tokens as well as the works of 15 other upcoming digital artists into the future. The initiative refers to the Arctic World Archive as a “non-fungible vault”. The deposit of “COHORT 1” was made during an exclusive ceremony on March 17th, 2022, which many of the renowned artists attended and accompanied with an exclusive stay on Svalbard. The challenge when you own an NFT, you do not actually own the artwork, - you own a reference to the image file containing the digital art, which is stored on a data server somewhere in the world. The reference is like a digital smart contract that references the buyer’s information to the image file. If the digital image file is deleted or destroyed, the NFT would be worthless, due to the artwork simply no longer existing. “Traditional art has stood the test of time with pieces envisioned some 45,000 years ago still in existence, yet NFTs minted 45 days ago are already missing.” Paul Price, Top Dog Beach Club Co-founder. This is why Top Dog Studios stores their art in AWA - to be sure that it will be available in the future.

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