The history of the State of Santa Catarina

Center for Informatics and Automation of the State of Santa Catarina

CIASC, a public provider of IT services in Brazil and in collaboration with Santa Catarina State Archives, virtually deposited precious archival documents capturing the history of the State of Santa Catarina. The collection portrays the political and administrative history since 1703 and highlights the actions and relations established by the government of the Island of Santa Catarina with the regal or central power since the colonial period, passing through the province of imperial times until the middle of the 20th century. The documents show the peculiarities of governance, territorial, economic and social formation over time. Added to this documentary heritage is a cartographic collection of more than 4,000 maps, plans and sketches, 9,000 iconographic images, 700 multimedia materials and a support library that accommodates more than 5,000 textual bibliographic volumes, including rare works dated between 1752 and 1959.

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