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Repsol is a Spanish multinational energy and petrochemical company performing worldwide upstream and downstream activities, formed by around 24000 employees in the world. From the creation of CAMPSA in 1927 to the integration of different companies that gave rise in 1986 to Repsol and, subsequently, in its operations in different countries, businesses, promotional activities, etc; - a great documentary heritage has been generated in different formats, photographic, audio-visual and more. This immense wealth as one of the largest documentary patrimonies of any industrial company in Spain, has been catalogued, archived, guarded, and now preserved, for the benefit of future generations. It is a documentary diary of social, sponsorship, management, communication and advertising activities, including NODO films, etc. throughout almost 100 years of history. This is part of the activities of Repsol’s Documentation and Library function that over the years has brought together and unified the different existing heritages, companies, areas, campaigns, etc; as well as those that were in the hands of third parties for digitization and restoration. An interesting component of what has been preserved in AWA is Repsol’s advertising heritage; contents that the company has used to advertise in different media, media, campaigns, etc. They go from year 1980 until the first half of 2022. The content is very diverse as it includes PDF documents, images in different formats and videos.

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