Norwegian sports history

Mjøndalen Sports Association

Mjøndalen Sports Association, Norway, deposited its 110-year history, featuring celebrated triumphs, rivalries, videos, photos and stories that have been treasured by the community. This is the first AWA deposit of sporting organisation’s complete history. With sport such an integral part of life in our era, this represents the start of an important chapter in AWA.

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Other collections


Spanish industrial history and heritage

Repsol is a Spanish multinational energy and petrochemical company performing worldwide upstream and downstream activities, formed by around 24000 employees...

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Vatican Library

Ancient manuscripts from the Vatican

The Vatican Library built on its previous deposit with more ancient manuscripts, making it the Archive’s largest contributor. The 60...

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European Space Agency (ESA)

ESA's satellite data

The European Space Agency (ESA) deposited some sample data acquired by its first Earth Remote Sensing (ERS) satellite launched in...

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