Norewegian Cannes Film Festival winner

Oslo Pictures

The Norwegian film producer Oslo Pictures is depositing the new movie “Verdens verste menneske”. English title is “The Worst Person in the World”. The movie debuted in the Cannes FilmFfestival of 2021 where it won the price for best actress to Renate Reinsve and was acclaimed great critics from a major audience. The production company Oslo Pictures is very interested in understanding how the piqlFilm technology can help preserve the artistic intent in modern movies, and make it accessible, when necessary, in the future. Part of the reasoning of engaging in a project with Piql and the Arctic World Archive was that they previously this year experienced the challenge of finding the original content of a famous movie that they were planning to restore and redistribute to the audience. The challenge of retrieving this 20-year-old movie, made them understand that the way one encapsulates and preserve movie assets also can have potential financial consequences. Today they are proud to be depositing this movie to mark the start of the preservation engagement with Piql and the Arctic World Archive.

The film has been named best European film at the Spanish Goya gala that took place February 11, 2023. The awards are referred to as the Spanish Oscars (Academy Awards).

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