Nobel Prize winner

Olga Tokarczuk Foundation

Olga Tokarczuk Foundation and Literary Publishing (virtually) deposited the complete literary works of Olga Tokarczuk, a Nobel Prize Laureate, marking the first Polish contribution to AWA. Tokaczuk is a highly celebrated Author through the deposit of her 14 novels, also provides the first contemporary literary contribution to AWA. “Together, we made sure that our founder’s books could survive any catastrophe and be an inspiration also for future inhabitants of the Earth,” added Izabella Kaluta, Vice President of the Olga Tokarczuk Foundation. This is, in a way, a natural step which, apart from the Nobel Prize awarded last year, ensures the survival of Olga Tokarczuk’s works. Thanks to this technology, it will remain safe.” Anna Zaremba-Michalska, President of the Management Board of Wydawnictwo Literackie (Tokarczuk publishers since 2001), which financed the storage of the AWA deposit.

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