Labour history

Finnish Labor Archive

The Finnish Labour Archive, Työväen Arkisto, is Finland’s oldest social movement archive that preserves and makes available the records of social-democratic political organisations, the trade union movement and private individuals involved in the labour movement. The Commission of Finnish Labour Tradition gathers oral history by interviews and by organizing collections of thematic memoirs and autobiographies. The Labour Archive in Finland deposited a photo collection from the history of the archive, including personal stories.

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Other collections

Artemis Art Gallery

Art from South-East Asia

Representing the first Malaysian contribution, this deposit celebrates South-East Asian's vibrant art culture as seen through the eyes of emerging...

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Pro Sieben Galileo

Galileo "on ice"

Galileo is a German television program series produced and broadcast on ProSieben television network. Their first show was broadcasted in...

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National Museum Brasilia

Art from Brazil

The National Museum of the Republic has deposit digitized works of art that represent the collection of well-regarded Brazilian painters...

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