Italian opera

Renata Tebaldi Foundation

Renata Tebaldi Cavaliere di Gran Croce OMRI was an Italian lirico-spinto soprano popular in the post-war period, and especially prominent as one of the stars of La Scala, San Carlo and, especially, the Metropolitan Opera. A collection of the most important audio/video recordings of the unforgettable Renata Tebaldi has now been preserved for eternity.

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Other collections

Felipe Gónzalez Foundation

Spanish political memories

Fundación Felipe Gónzalez deposited important political memories, including transcripts of secret meetings, photographs, letters and handwritten notes by the sitting...

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Tronrud Engineering

Norwegian industry history

Tronrud Engineering, one of the great stories of Norwegian industrial development, is depositing its core corporate history, centred around a...

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Sapio Analytics

UNESCO World Heritage - Brihadishvara Temple

After the initiation of preservation of paintings on the UNESCO world heritage site, Ajanta Caves, more restored artworks from ancient...

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