Digital art and NFTs deposited for eternity in the Arctic World Archive

TopDog Studios

As new technological platforms like the metaverse start to emerge, it can be difficult to understand how to protect ownership and authenticity. NFTs—Non Fungible Tokens—solve this issue by using blockchain technology. Most NFTs created today exist as digital art that is traded across marketplaces. But new technology can have imperfections and some NFTs are at risk of being lost in the digital ether.By securing the digital art on a physical media in a sustainable vault in the Arctic, the information is secured from being lost or stolen, as similar to more than 50% of all NFTs last year.

TopDog Studios is a collective of creatives, strategists and technical experts working to building cutting-edge experiences in the domain of Web3 and metaverse.

Earlier this year, TopDog Studios established the Non-Fungible Vault to offer unique artists and collectors a secure way of storing their valuable digital assets and keep it attainable and accessible into the unforeseen future. Over 70,000 unique pieces of art will be stored, having traded over $5.9bn on the Ethereum blockchain. 

“Traditional art has stood the test of time with pieces created some 45,000 years ago still in existence, yet NFTs minted 45 days ago are already missing.”,says Paul Price, founder and managing director of TopDog Studios. “NFTs represent the digital expression of human creativity and will become some of the most influential and culturally significant artworks of our time. It’s important that we protect those works by safely storing them in the Non-Fungible Vault for generations to come”, he adds. 

“Arctic World Archive was designed to safeguard and preserve world memory. As the digital world constantly evolves, we are excited to see the development of what people considers to be their irreplaceable informational assets and memories. As it is difficult to preserve digital formats over time, we are excited to help these digital artists and collectors secure their valuable possessionsand becoming part of an ever-increasing collection of world digital heritage in AWA”, says Rune Bjerkestrand, Managing Director of Piql. He is proud that constantly new technological use cases find the service for safeguarding their data in AWA attractive. 

The digital art and NFTs will be deposited intothe Arctic World Archive during an exclusive ceremony on March 17th. Representatives from both Piql, TopDog Studios and some of their most important artists and collectors, will be present in Longyearbyen for the ceremony.

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