Invitation – Deposit June 29th 2023

Arctic World Archive

We welcome you to deposit your most valuable data and contribute to safeguard our world memory

AWA is for cultural heritage, history, art, music, valuable information and memories in digital form - that is of importance for the world, regions, nations, institutions, organisations and corporations as well as people. AWA is a growing digital repository of world memory. Memories stored here will survive into the distant future, providing a safe copy for this generation and authentic history for the next. Thursday 29th June 2023, AWA will open its doors for another depositing ceremony. Svalbard is a secure place to store your data and the place is breath-taking and really worth visiting. Read more here

Invitation to deposit June 29th 2023

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Want to join a deposit on Svalbard?

To visit Svalbard is on many people's bucket list, and we recommend everyone who stores their precious memories in AWA to participate in a deposit ceremony.

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