Amazing new treasures in AWA
Published December 22, 2022

Amazing new treasures in AWA

The third deposit in AWA this year took place on September 15th, with representatives from thirteen depositing organizations coming from 9 countries around the world.

This years’ deposit ranges from the epic Taj Mahal monument, a UNESCO World Heritage site, in India, to computer environments from Yale University Library in the US. We are honoured and proud to be able to contribute to preserve important cultural heritage, history, technology legacy as well as corporate memory.

In the following is a snapshot of the deposits made (read more under “Collection”):

The Archaeological Survey of India

ASI have over 3693 monuments under their supervision and have been actively looking for solutions to digitize and preserved these historical monuments securely for eternity. Piql helped to do sophisticated 3D scanning with state-of-the-art technology and processes to create high resolution 3D models so that these unique monuments can be brought “to live” and shown to future generations.

Taj Mahal, India

Taj Mahal is One of the Seven Wonders of the World and is India’s most famous and widely recognized building. It took three weeks to do the full 3D capture and then it took almost 3 months to combine all the data (e.g. more than 1,5 million images) to build the full 3D model.

Bhimbhetka, India

Bhimbhetka Rock shelters is an archaeological site in central India that spans the Palaeolithic and Mesolithic periods. It exhibits the earliest traces of human life in India and evidence of the Stone Age starting at the site in Acheulian times.

Dholavira, India

Dholavira is a 5000-year Harrapan City and is one of the best-preserved urban settlements from the period in Southeast Asia. It comprises a fortified city and a cemetery. A sophisticated water management system demonstrates the ingenuity of the Dholavira people in their struggle to survive and thrive in a harsh environment. Now, these three fascinating UNESCO World Heritage sites resides deep in the permafrost and is secured eternal life.

GitHub, USA

In their third deposit, GitHub preserved what they refer to as the Tech Tree, a selection of works intended to describe how the world makes and uses software today, as well as an overview of how computers work, and the foundational technologies required to make and use computers.

Yale University Library

The prestigious Yale University Library has stored a selection of preserved computer environments, created in the EaaSI system, for long-term storage. These environments were set up to contain software applications that could be used for access of digital special collections materials in the future.

Repsol, Spain

Repsol is a large multi-energy company. Their documentary heritage archive includes documentation generated by the company and legacies since 1927. The advertising and sports sponsorship documentation covers campaigns since 1980. All now preserved so that future generations can understand this important industrial history.

Norwegian Health Archive

The first deposit from the Norwegian Health Archives contains the history from the first steps of the process to the official opening on June 4th, 2019. This collection tells the story of the political process, media coverage, construction of the building and establishment of a preservation system which is one of the first of its kind.

National Museum of Norway

In their fourth visit to AWA, the National Museum chose to deposit documentation and image material from their latest exhibition “I Call it Art”. The material that is deposited consists of detailed illustrations and design drawings of the 86 rooms in the collection exhibition. In addition, documentation of the new museum building and photos from the official opening.

Sparebank 1, Norway

As a second deposit related to the project “Svalbard Money”, the director of public relations in the Norwegian bank, Sparebank 1, Morten Søberg, preserved the book “SVALBARD! PENGAR!” summing up this ground-breaking project related to the local money used at Svalbard and linking this to the new digital world, money, art and NFT’s.

Embassy of Kosovo in Norway

The Oral History Initiative of Kosovo chose to preserve a collection of oral history video-recordings with visual artists and art professionals from Kosovo, along with transcripts in Albanian and English, and an eBook: The National Gallery Oral History Project.

The Museum of the Person, Brazil

The Museum of the Person (Museu da Pessoa) is a virtual and collaborative museum of life stories founded in São Paulo, in 1991. In their second deposit, three projects that mark the beginning of the institution’s trajectory: “Inheritances and Memories”, “Memory and Migration” and “Oral Memory of the Elderly” has been given eternal life.

Bern Minster, Switzerland

The Berner Münster is the landmark of the city of Bern. Construction and restoration work on this valuable building has been going on uninterruptedly for 600 years. Around 4,000 objects, digital-born and retro-digitized, were processed, analysed, and converted into a format suitable for archiving and then preserved on piqlFilm for eternity in AWA.

The works of the French artist, Serge Bassenko

Serge Bassenko (1927-2013) was a French artist, thinker, and writer always in search of the soul of the human world. His photo collection and other works is now stored in AWA.

The AWA-team is thrilled to be trusted by so many new contributors.

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